A Case for the KX3

Not an argument extolling the virtues of the radio - it does that pretty well by itself.  Instead, a physical case for carrying the KX3.

I still haven't taken my KX3 out in the field to speak of...although I did carry it to NA4SO's shack last week, and apparently while in my pack, something banged into the RIT knob and cracked it.  I only had the rig in a thin neoprene shell, and there were a couple of heavy crimpers in the pack, one of which I'm guessing banged into the KX3 - glad it didn't hit the clear bezel!

So, I'm trying to get back to deciding what case would be best.  I'm looking for something that protects well, but I don't need - or want - a bunch of extra compartments for carrying "stuff".  I just want good protection for the radio itself, and for that package to be as small as possible for SOTA hikes.

Here are some possibles:

 This case is being used by W7GJ.  I think it would be great for carrying the KX3 along with more stuff...but that's not what I'm really looking for.  This bag doesn't look ideal for using in conjunction with a backpack, which is what I need.  Although, I've had a number of LowePro bags over the years and always like them, so I'd say this is definitely worth considering if you have the need for this type of case.

Here is a better candidate for my needs, and one I'm giving serious consideration.  It has a better form factor, and while having some extra compartments, the bag isn't grossly over-sized.  I learned about this one from G4ILO, who apparently learned about it from N6KR himself, so it's got to be a good candidate.

Obviously something like this Pelikan would offer great protection, but it's far from petite, and the case alone weighs in at 2.5 pounds, so it's not exactly backpack friendly.  But I'm still looking at the weight vs. protection tradeoff and may go for it.

If anyone has any good ideas, let me know via email at the address listed on qrz.com