Aven Circuit Board Holder

In May, at the North Georgia QRP group meeting's show & tell, Phil, K4PQC showed a circuit board holder he'd recently purchased off Amazon.  After he passed it around, a couple of us were inspired to order one - from our phones at the meeting!

Well, a couple nights ago I started to put a 80/30 kit into an Elecraft KX1, and decided it was time to try the circuit board holder, and I've got to say, I'm really glad I had it! It was especially helpful in holding the board vertical while I applied the solder sucker to clear some PCB holes, and also for threading on the two little sub-boards onto the main PCB. I can't imagine how frustrated I'd have been without this gadget or something similar.

Here's a photo of the holder in action with the KX1:

Aven Circuit Board Holder - click below to order one for yourself!