about AA4GA

At Dayton....many years ago!
First licensed in December 1976 as a Technician, upgraded to Advanced in February 1977, and again to Amateur Extra in August 1977.  AA4GA was one of the first "AA" calls issued by request in 1977 in the pre-vanity era where Extras could request two-letter callsigns.

The main activity at AA4GA has always been contesting.  Actually, it was the WAE contest in August of 1977 that pushed my code speed up to the required 20 wpm to pass the Extra class exam.  I wanted to get my Extra so I wouldn't have to worry about code ever again...and then I found out that it's a fun mode, to the point that now, CW is pretty much the only mode I use!

In 1981 I joined the K8ND-organized effort at VP2E for the ARRL SSB contest, where we won the multi-single category with the first-ever M/S effort with over 10,000 QSOs before dupes.

Check out The Wayback Machine for more on the contest trips I've been on.

In addition to trips, I was also active at multi-ops at N4RJ in the 80s and W4WA in the 90s, in addition to casual single-operating at my home station.


I'll have to admit that I haven't been as good a QSLer over the years as I should be.  And, unfortunately, I just plain don't have a lot of the logs from the old days (meaning prior to 2011!).  But, in my rekindled radio career, I really do hope to be better at QSLing!  Going forward for all new QSOs, I plan to upload all QSOs to LoTW at the very least.

As of  8/5/12, LoTW QSL hits:  38.0%

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