Radio Stuff

  • LnR Precision - manufacturer of Par antennas
  • N1MM Logger - contest logging software - this has replaced TRLog for me for the most part ...if only it ran natively on Mac!
  • South East Contest Club - mostly covering Georgia
  • G-QRP Club - lots of good stuff here
  • QRP Spots - Kinda like packet cluster for QRP types
  • W4AX - SDR you can control over the web
  • Old Radio Shack Catalogs - cool stuff from my youth
  • AA7EE's blog
  • N0NBD's blog - QRP and flyfishing - my kinda guy!
  • KR1S's website - check out the article on QRP contesting
  • N2CQ QRP Contest List - hosted by QRPARCI
  • W0EA's blog - mostly QRP and CW
  • N8ZYA's blog - another QRPer working DX with small antennas 
  • AL7FS - lots of QRP stuff from the frozen north
  • K4KPK - SOTA activator from Georgia

Non-radio Stuff