CW Open 2015 QRP Teams

Ron, WB3AAL started forming QRP teams for this year's CW Open and tricked me, yes, tricked me into helping!  Not really, I've done this before, although this year was the most I've been able to be active in this contest.  And it's really a series of three four-hour contests all within one 24-hour period.  Sponsored by CW Ops, it's definitely a good one, with its own quirks...I just wish it wasn't on Labor Day weekend!

Anyway, we were able to put together two full 10-person teams.  Some of the team members were old hands at contesting, and for some, it was their first entry.  Because we're all QRP ops, we knew up front there was no chance of us winning the team competition, so it was all for pure fun and to show the QRO guys that we aren't afraid of jumping in on the action!

The teams were formed randomly with two exceptions.  One team was led by Ron and one by me, and the other exception was to ensure that the father/son duo of K1RID/KC1CMF were on different generate a little inter-family rivalry!

Here are the teams, along with their reported scores:

QRP TEAM FLEASession 1Session 2Session 3Total
Ron, WB3AAL4001008701,370
Hank, N8XX2,4304,0266,05912,515
John, KE6K16990178
Dick, K2UFT0011,84511,845
Rich, K7SZ0000
Gianni, KC1CMF
Ron, KU7Y10,90411,46652922,899
David, N4IVE1,0242,4991003,620
Mike, W4WYI169144100413
Dale, WC7S3,3606,4805,36015,200

QRP TEAM PEANUTSession 1Session 2Session 3Total
Lee, AA4GA6,7166,78613,08126,583
Dave, K1SX6,497362,4448,977
Quinton, NU7Y4,99204,6729,664
Newt, N4EWT02560256
John, N0TA8,9617296,64216,332
John, WA8HSB4,6902,3006257,615
Jim, W4QO6758,68615,40024,761
Scott, KB4KBS96103,9064,867
Bobby, AK4JA0000