CW Ops CW Open and "Team Limbo"

CW Ops is an international organization designed to bring together Amateur Radio operators who enjoy using Morse code.  As of this writing, there are just over 1000 members worldwide.  CW Ops is very active in on-the-air activities, including two monthly contests.  Last year, they started the "CW Open", a longer weekend-based contest that is similar to the monthlies, in that the contest is split into three stand-alone periods.  For the CW Open, the sessions are 4 hours each, and it's effectively like having three separate 4-hour contests on the same day.  Each 4 hour session is separated by a 4-hour off period.  One of the neat things about the CW Open is that it also features a team competition:  teams of up to 10 operators can be formed to aggregate the operators' scores from the three sessions.  I had the idea of forming a team of all QRP operators - not necessarily to win (that would be tough against the many QRO stations out there!), but to give QRP a little publicity ...and to just have fun!  So, "Team Limbo" was formed:  how low can you go?

We missed a full team by one op, so that's 9 QRP stations on our team.  Last year, there were only 7 QRP entries total for the contest, so that's actually a pretty good showing!

Here are the Team Limbo ops and scores by session:

Call Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
KS0MO (by W7FB) 15,392 15,352 8,230 39,024
WB3AAL 420 132 225 877
N8XX - 3.498 2,100 5,598
AD4S 256 - - 256
WC7S 6,177 7,826 4,950 18,953
K2UFT 5,561 - - 5,561
WA4ZOF 100 48 121 269
AA4GA 4,071 9,265 400 13,736
NI0R - 7,644 - 7,644
Total - - - 91,918