80m QRP Foxhunt - 2.22.12

Todd, N9NE regularly calls with milliwatt power levels when he's playing hound in the QRP Foxhunts, and as the Fox last night challenged others to do the same.  So I did.

First up was Dave, AB9CA in Alabama.  I dialed down to 100mW and nabbed him on the first call.  That worked out to 3,507 miles per watt - not bad!

Then off to find Todd.  Found him quickly, but it took a half hour for him to hear my 100mW signal...but hear it, he did!  That worked out to 7,846 miles per watt - probably a record for me - I may have to start keeping up with this!

This all assumes that Todd and Dave have their QTHs accurately indicated at QRZ.com...and that the K3 loaned to me by ND4V (thanks again Mike!) is really putting out only 100mW when it says it is.  I'll have to check that this evening.