QRP Fox Hunt

Last night I operated for the first time as a Fox in the QRP Fox hunt.  My session was on 40 meters and I ended up with 70 Qs, or "pelts" as we call them in the Fox Hunting biz.  The neat thing about being a Fox is that it's like a mini 90-minute DXpedition.  Everyone wants to call you and the pileup is pretty big for a while.  I've been on DXpeditions before, and that is what this sounded like!  Consider that most of my contacts were made on a slightly shortened sloping half wave for 40 and spanned from the East to West coasts of the US - and all of the stations worked were also running 5 watts or less (N9NE was running 100mw!).  It really shows what can be done with QRP, using simple antennas.  And because it's QRPers working other QRPers, it kinda mitigates the QRO guys' argument that the bulk of the work is done on the RX end - see, the thing is that most QRPers like to work other QRPers, so they know exactly what it sounds like on the other end!

It's a lot of fun, I highly recommend you get involved.