What Kind of DX Can You Work With QRP?

It's pretty amazing what a few sunspots, 5w, a little wire and a great bunch of DXpedition operators can do:

While it says 7 out of 28 band slots, it's more like 7 out of 7.  I don't have antennas for 80 and 160, and I only operate CW, so that's pretty much all of 'em.  6 of the 7 contacts were made over the past two days - this weekend had great propagation, the best I've seen since getting back on the air 8 months ago.  My antennas were pretty minimal:  on 40 and 20 I used the Par End-Fedz 10/20/40 hung as a 45 degree sloper with the top up about 45'.  The rest of the bands were covered with a 100' loop broadside NE fed with 300 ohm window line thru an Elecraft T1 tuner with the apex at about 45'.  A couple of the QSOs were direct, but most were split.  And a couple were made on the first or second call.

At last count, over 157k QSOs had been logged with almost 39k different stations.  The operation has been going for two or three weeks, which is one secret of getting through - wait until the big sigs have all gotten through and the competition is less!

Check out the T32C website for more info on the operation.